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De La Vega

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128 N woodland blvd

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Banderillas (V)


Skewers made with Chicken, or Cheese, with Zucchini Squash and Roasted Peppers, and Infused with tangy Mango Vinaigrette. Served with Rice.

Ajjito de Pescado (GF)


Small Filets of fish paired with our finest Herbs in union with an insatiable blend of Red Onions, grilled Zucchini, Garlic and Pineapple that rest atop of a bed Refried black beans. Topped with Red Pepper Sauce & cooked inside of a corn husk for maximum flavor

Arepas de Carnitas (GF)


Arepas topped with shredded pork carnitas and spring mix, drizzled with creamy avocado dressing with a sprinkle of sun dried tomatoes and fresh queso blanco.

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Avocados Vegetarianos(GF) (V)


Fresh Avocados Filled with a red, Black and Garbanzo Bean Salad infused with a unique tangy vinaigrette.

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Chicken Mole Rice Balls (GF)


A Mixture of Rice, Mozzarella cheese, and tender Chicken formed into four balls over a bed of mole sauce and sesame seeds, topped with a bit of cilantro (contains peanuts and sesame seeds).

Enchilada Combo (GF) (V)


Our most popular flavors. Chicken enchilada roja, Cheese enchilada verde, Chicken Enchilada with bean sauce and cheese enchilada with a rich mole sauce. Topped with Cabbage, Onion, Tomato, Cheese, and Sour Cream. (Contains Peanuts and Sesamse seeds)

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Avocados Rellenos (GF)


Fresh Avocado filled with lime infused Shrimp and Red Onion, covered in a delicate citrus glaze and topped with fresh cilantro

Empanadas (V)


Homemade Empanadas Stuffed with you choice of Chorizo, Chicken, or Cheese topped with our homemade chile con queso sauce

Chile Con Queso (V)


Melted Cheese with fresh Roasted Serranoand Anaheim Chiles. Served with Baked tortilla chips.

Guacamole (GF) (V)


Fresh Avocado dip made with tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. Served with Baked tortilla chips

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Plantain Tacitas Whole (GF) (V)


Sweet Plantains topped with Caramelized hibiscus infused with red wine, balsamic, and sprinkled with fresh Mexican Cheese. Garnished with cilantro and red pepper

Trio Mexicano (V)


Sides of Guacamole, Chile con Queso dip, and your of salsa. Served with Baked tortilla chips.

Chilitos Rellenos (GF)


Steamed sweet peppers filled with Spanish chorizo, a bit of corn and green onions. Served over a mild red pepper sauce & topped with Avocado dressing

Ropa Vieja Rounds


Tostones with shredded Beef cooked with Bay Leaves and Tomato, with strips of Red and Green Bell Peppers, White and Green Onions, seasoned with Garlic and Rosemary. topped with Avocado dressing.

Aspirinas de Chorizo (V)


Delicious Cornmeal Patties topped with Beans, Tomato, Onions, Cheese, and Sour Cream

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Hibiscus Tacos (V) (GF)


Corn tacos filled with Heavenly Hibiscus Flower Petals that rich in vitamin c and minerals, Accompanied by Green and Spanish Onions, cilantro, Garlic, and Mozzarella cheese, Then Topped with red pepper sauce. A combination of Flavors That would make even the Harshest Food Critic blush

Vegan's Heaven

Items marked with (*) contains honey

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Vegan Aspirinas (order of 6)


6 delicious cornmeal patties topped with beans, tomato and onion

Vegan Aspirinas (order of 10)


10 delicious patties topped with beans, tomato and onion.

Guacamole (GF)


fresh avocado dip made with tomatoes,onions,and cilantro.tortilla chip.

Avocados vegetarianos (GF)


fresh avocados filled with a red, black and garbanzo bean salad infused with a unique tangy vinaigrette..

Vegan Plantain Tacitas (GF)


sweet plantains topped with caramelized hibiscus infused with red wine and balsamic vinaigrette.garnished with cilantro and red pepper.(*)

Vegan Hibiscus Tacos (GF)


A twist on our famous dish! corn tacos filled with heavenly hibiscus flower petals accompanied by green onions cilantro,garlic along with refried beans with car with caramelized spanish onoins.(*)

Vegan Taquiza Vegetariana ( GF)


grilled zucchini on a bed of sauteed onions,bell peppers, and pineapple, served with corn tortillas,and guacamole.

Vegan Garbanzo Salad (GF)


fresh romanie lettuce with chef Nora's own red, black and garbanzo bean salad infused with a tangy dressing and topped with crispy tortilla strips and guacamole

Ensalada De Calabacitas (GF)


Romaine lettuce, spring mix, grilled carrots, corn, zucchini, onions, adnd almonds with a light touch of spanish vinaigrette(*)

Vegan Plantain Enmoladas (GF)


Sauteed ripe Plantain and Refried beans wrapped in three corn tortillas and smothered in a rich mole sauce. served over a bed of rice ad topped with sesame seeds.

Vegan Enchiladas (GF)


Three enchiladas filled with refried black beans, topped with chef Nora's Flavorful red pepper sauce, Cabbage, Onion, cilantro,and Tomato


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